Triniboi Joocie

Representing UK

    With various titles/achievements gained throughout his short but accomplished career; he’s surpassed all expectations for the development of the soca art form in the UK.

    Over the past three years, Triniboi Joocie has performed in numerous events and competitions across Europe, the Caribbean and the US. Over this period, he has been recognised and acknowledged for his excellence and commitment
    to the arts.

    Some of these accolade/awards include: –
    • UK Soca Music Awards – Best Music Video of the Year 2012
    • UK Soca Music Awards – Best Song of the Year 2012
    • Finalist at Open Mic UK 2013 (Open Mic UK is a nationwide unsigned artist
    music competition which saw over 9,000 acts audition last year)
    • UK Soca Music Awards – Best Soca Artist for the Year 2013
    • UK Power Soca Monarch 2013
    • UK Groovy Soca Monarch 2013
    • UK (Notting Hill Carnival) Road March King 2014
    • Semi Finalist at the International Soca Monarch Competition – Power category
    (held in Trinidad and Tobago)
    Triniboi Joocie collaborated with and worked alongside the likes of Jazz legend
    Courtney Pine and the father of British neo-soul Omar at the ‘Love Supreme
    Festival’ 2014.